Dentaria Dental Clinic

Welcome to DentAria Dental Clinic,

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, our team is proud to offer a range of dental care adapted to your oral health.

DentAria is above all a clinic where we privilege our relationship with the patient.


Dr. Maria El Byar has surrounded herself with a wonderful team that will listen to your needs.


Take your appointment now to smile to the fullest.



Dental examination
A first 90-minute appointment that consists of collecting data and evaluating your needs, the condition of your oral and dental health. Our dentists explain your diagnosis and our hygienists clean and polish your teeth.
Cleaning and scaling


Our hygienists will make your smile sparkle by removing tartar deposits that naturally accumulate on your teeth and damage your gums.

Root canal
 If the nerve is in irreversible inflammation or if the tooth is very painful, we remove the nerve and disinfect the inner part of the tooth. The canal is then permanently shaped and closed with the gutta percha.




Straight teeth without braces is possible with our transparent trays. If you are already our patient, ask us for your free consultation.



At the comfort of your home, or on the dentist's chair, we have the solution to restore  the whiteness of your teeth. You are a regular patient, ask us how to have your free kit.



Your tooth has a root canal, fractured or has a big restoration, it would be wise to protect it with a crown.

Wisdom teeth extraction


Evaluate if your wisdom teeth need extraction in case that you don't have enough space, or if your teeth are damaging adjacent teeth. If you are anxious, ask us about our conscious sedation program.

Dental emergencies


You have broken a tooth, you are in pain or you want to ask us a question ... Call us! Do not hesitate to contact us by email outside our opening hours



Dr. Frederick Fagan


Dr Frederick Fagan

(514) 431-3410

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